About IntelliVita Hub

Our Journey

IntelliVita Hub is the platform that brings together scientific knowledge and ancestral practices to optimize the vitality of the body, emotions and mind, offering personalized consultancy, workshops, courses and exclusive content. This journey began with the vision of creating a space where people could find reliable and comprehensive guidance to improve their quality of life in an integral way.

Behind the IntelliVita Hub

Sarah Sacks Thimoteo, founder of IntelliVita Hub, brings a wide range of experiences and passions to this project. With a solid foundation in scientific research and an entrepreneurial career focused on teaching habits for vitality and performance, Sarah embodies the union between science and ancestral wisdom that the IntelliVita Hub promotes. His journey is marked by:

A transition from scientific research to entrepreneurship, reflecting the application of knowledge to positively impact people’s lives.
Dedication to personal improvement, with more than 20 years of studies and practices that form the basis of the programs developed by IntelliVita Hub.
Commitment to education and transformation, demonstrated through the creation of content, courses and workshops that inspire and empower individuals to achieve their best version.

Our Mission

Our mission is to educate, inspire and promote actions for self-care and the optimization of mental performance, highlighting the importance of proven and personalized practices for a longer and healthier life. At the heart of the IntelliVita Hub is the belief that everyone has the potential to transform their lives through knowledge and conscious practice.

Our Fundamental Values

Integration for High Performance: We believe in the importance of integrated approaches that consider the body, mind and emotions as an interconnected whole.
Knowledge as a Foundation: We value the relentless pursuit of knowledge, combining the latest scientific advances with ancient wisdom to enrich our services and content.
Personalization on the Path to Vitality: We recognize the uniqueness of each individual, offering personalized approaches that respect each person’s specific needs and goals.

Our approach

At IntelliVita Hub, we have adopted a methodology that integrates ancient practices with the latest scientific discoveries, with the aim of promoting a life full of vitality, longevity and mental performance. Our approach is based on three main pillars:

DeRose Method

With a focus on increasing self-knowledge, improving vitality and quality of life, we use a set of techniques that include breathwork, body movements, mindfulness, relaxation and meditation, complemented by concepts of good nutrition, fitness and good personal relationships, among others.

Applied Science

With constant updating, we seek out the latest research and discoveries that influence vitality, longevity and mental performance. Including knowledge about the brain-intestine connection, proper supplementation, optimized sleep routines and body strengthening strategies.

Education and personalization

We promote the sharing of knowledge, encouraging the search for personal improvement and critical discernment to distinguish between what is beneficial and what is a fad. We offer the possibility of personalizing the journey through consultancy, guaranteeing an experience tailored to individual needs.

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