How it all began

My journey

The creation of the IntelliVita Hub was born out of a deep reflection on my career and the role that knowledge plays in our lives. For 8 years I worked as a researcher, and although I was passionate about science and continuous learning, I realized that something essential was missing: a direct connection between my research work and the tangible impact on people’s lives. I love studying and deepening my understanding of the world, but I came to the conclusion that just accumulating knowledge wasn’t enough. What I really lacked was the ability to apply this knowledge in a way that could directly improve society or someone’s life.

But these questions didn’t come from one moment to the next, my life was already in constant transformation. Since 2004, while pursuing my academic training, I also delved into personal development studies, initially applying what I learned to myself. It wasn’t until 2016 that the desire to share knowledge led me to teach at a DeRose Method school in Curitiba, Brazil, where I helped others improve their habits and use techniques for a better quality of life and performance.

Starting in 2017, a series of personal and professional changes marked the beginning of a new phase: I became a mother, moved to Portugal, became an entrepreneur in the field of food and continued to teach about personal improvement. Later, I moved to Alto Adige in Italy. Each of these stages has reinforced my commitment to studying, applying and teaching methods for living longer and better.

My entire journey culminated in the creation of IntelliVita Hub, a space dedicated to sharing knowledge and positively impacting people’s lives. Here, I found my true purpose: to bridge the gap between science and practical application, between learning and doing. My wish is that we can build a community in this Hub where people can transform their lives through the exchange of knowledge, experiences and practices enriched with scientific knowledge and ancestral wisdom.

The IntelliVita Hub represents the union between my love of study and my passion for making a difference. I continue to explore, learn and teach, but with a renewed focus: using knowledge as a tool to promote well-being, vitality and longevity. Sharing this knowledge and seeing the positive impact it can have on people’s lives is what drives me and brings me joy.

My purpose is to guide individuals on the journey to transform their habits and improve their quality of life, achieving remarkable longevity and vitality. I invite everyone who is looking to transform their habits and improve their quality of life to connect with me. Together, we can discover the path to a healthier and more fulfilling life.

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